Alpha Dominche is a design and technology company based in Brooklyn, NY with a distinct focus on coffee and tea brewers. Our aim is to constantly innovate and re-imagine the way coffees and teas are consumed, visualized, and interacted with worldwide. 

Our approach to design is inspired by our name, which means “first of its kind.” Our signature product, The STEAMPUNK®, disrupted the industry and offered a new path forward for cafes, restaurants, and hotels looking to differentiate their offerings and take brewing to the next level. Our newly launched consumer line combines the visual and premium nature of The STEAMPUNK ® with an elegant and refined family of brewers for coffee and tea enthusiasts to use at home.

Extraction Lab is Alpha Dominche’s worldwide headquarters in Brooklyn, NY and features selections from many of the world’s most prominent coffee roasters and tea purveyors. Extraction Lab serves as a space for guests to experience the next wave of brewing equipment first-hand, and to interact with the global coffee and tea community.