The Steampunk 2.1 allows the user to set specific brew parameters that ensure the most repeatable, flavorful extraction in every cup. Its advanced controls empower baristas to set brew temperature, time, volume, agitation cycles, and extraction. Using this brew method baristas can produce and explore flavor profiles similar to those produced by a range of brew processes – from French press to pour-over – while also uncovering new profiles you won’t find anywhere else.
The Alpha Dominche Steampunk 2.1 is a handcrafted, next-generation coffee brewer designed for brewing the best single-cup coffees and teas in the world. This versatile machine offers a new way to brew up to two different single-cup coffees and/or teas simultaneously with the most consistent brew method to date.


Each machine is designed, manufactured, and hand assembled in the United States using only the highest quality parts and materials. Alpha Dominche does all final production, research and development, engineering, design, and marketing all under one roof in Salt Lake City, Utah.


The Steampunk is powered by the AD Mincher application on a Google Nexus 7 tablet that is directly connected to the machine. The barista-controlled parameters include volume, exposure time, agitation, filter type, temperature, extraction, and multiple steeps. The Steampunk’s operating system gives the barista the ability to create, save, and share recipes making it the most repeatable brew method on the market.


Cloud based consistency via electronically metered temperature and flow control combined with precise recipe parameters allow users to consistently reproduce complex recipes for a perfect cup every time and then share them globally on the Steampunk network. Temperature can be set any where from 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 Celsius) to 210 degrees Fahrenheit (100 Celsius) and individual cup size can be set up to 16 ounces (475 milliliters). Cloud based recipe sharing allows for recipes to be shared globally with the push of a button, providing cross company consistency.


The pre-programmed automated rinse cycle provides a fast and thorough cleaning process for the brew crucibles.


Powered by a 2850 watt element and an 11 liter stainless steel boiler, the Steampunk 2.1 can brew 2 different beverages simultaneously allowing skilled baristas to produce up to 40 perfectly brewed coffees or teas per hour. Individual recipe times can be set up to as long as 300 seconds, yet typically set around 75 seconds.


The unique design of the Steampunk allows customers to see their coffee or tea brewing throughout the visually engaging brew process. The Steampunk offers the ability to see the process of coffee de-gassing and tea leaves unfolding inside the crucible glass.