The Alpha Dominche Steampunk Brewing System

The award-winning Steampunk offers a revolutionary new way to brew single cup coffee and tea in three different models; the Steampunk 4.1, the Steampunk 2.1 and the Steampunk MOD 2.1.These innovative brewing systems ensures the most repeatable, flavorful extraction in every cup, brewing up to two or four cups of coffee or tea simultaneously. Its advanced controls, powered by an original Google Nexus application, empower baristas to set specific brew parameters for each cup. The Steampunk system makes it easy to create flavor profiles similar to those produced by a range of brew processes – from French press to pour-over –while also uncovering new and exciting profiles you would not find with traditional brew processes.

Steampunk Thesis

The Steampunk is a tool that enables one man to replicate his creation – and the creations of others. In current times and popular culture all things done by handcraft are in vogue. In our industry there is a misconception that the Steampunk removes the craft from the brewing process. In fact the Steampunk puts the craft back in the brew process. The Steampunk is to a master barista like the litho stone and press is to an artist – a creative platform to replicate one’s art and the ability to share it with the world.

There are two very distinct crafts at play on the Steampunk. On the higher level, there is the art of the “Masters of Coffee Extraction”, in which one knows coffee and creates personal profiles that become his or her personal expression. These distinct profiles are the recipes that a barista can call up again and again and apply to a designated coffee, thus making a print of the original art. The reproduction of the original coffee profile, as with a silk-screen or litho press, is a craft requiring attention to detail and ownership of the resulting product. And there are Masters of Coffee Extraction in the world today whose level of artistry is profound. Chances for most coffee enthusiasts to taste their art first hand are slim to none.  Why not enjoy a well-crafted reproduction of the masterpiece?  The Steampunk is the tool that allows that to happen.

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Steampunk 4.1 – The award-winning Steampunk 4.0 (4.1) took home the SCAA’s Best New Product award at the 2012 expo. Check out the technical specs, brewing features and a gallery of photos on its product page.

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Steampunk 2.1 – The Steampunk 2.1 is about half the size of the 4.1 offering an accessible brewing machine for cafe’s and restaurants without sacrificing quality or efficiency. Check out the technicals specs, brewing featured and a gallery of photos on its product page.


Steampunk MOD 2.1 – The Steampunk MOD 2.1 is our revolutionary modular single-cup brewing system. The MOD is available as a two or four crucible kit and geared for custom bar installations. Check out the technicals specs, installation information and a gallery of photos on its product page.

Flavor and Brew Extraction

The steam aeration that takes place in the lower chamber of the crucible heats to a preset brewing temperature before the coffee is added. As the water reaches the set temperature point, the coffee or tea is lowered into the upper chamber to begin the Steampunk brewing process. The machine’s ability to customize each brew parameter (volume, temperature, extraction time, and agitation) gives the barista full control of the brew cycle ensuring the most delicious and flavorful profile in every extraction.

Machine Build

Every Steampunk is something of a functional work of art, super-efficient and a part of the resurgence of the American industry. Each brewer is hand assembled by Alpha Dominche right here in the U.S.A. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, the company’s R&D and manufacturing facilities assemble and test each and every machine. The design features stainless steel components and anodized aluminum body panels that rest on a natural quartz-composite mid-board. The brew crucibles are made from borosilicate glass, designed to withstand temperature shifts that take place during a brew cycle.

Precision Controls

The Steampunk interface application is powered by an Android application on a Google Nexus 7 that is directly connected to the machine. The barista-controlled parameters include volume, exposure time, temperature, agitation, filter type, temperature, extraction, and multiple steeps for brew. The Steampunk’s operating system gives the barista the ability to create, save, and share recipes making it the most repeatable brew method on the market.

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