Thomas Perez


Black Coffee drinker and obsessed with design. Born and bred in Copenhagen with a desire to challenge the ordinary.

Olev Tammer


Estonian engineer with an urge for speed – bicycling, motorcycling, running, designing. Abstains from coffee, but never from good tequila.

Daniel Teoh


Aussie numbers whisperer who prefers tea. Fitness freak, dancer(ish), devourer of food, traveler – not always in that order.

Derek Heydle

Lab Barista

Eats and drinks all things green. Penchant for wax on both curbs and candles.

Alex Enzbigilis


Chicago Native with a passion for connecting with the diverse and global coffee community. Natural Processed Coffee Drinker, Cyclist, Traveler and avid Bears Fan.

Sarah Karges

Lab Manager

Barista of six years and lover of all things food and beverage. Born and bred in Tennessee, now living it up with her husband, cat, and four roommates in NYC.

Tymer Tilton


From the mountains of Montana, lover of the outdoors, unique flavors, crunchy beats, well designed spaces, and creative processes.

Harrison Piperato

Technician / Trainer

New Yorker with a penchant for broken things and sometimes fixing them. Tinkers with Swedish cars, old furniture and – of course – coffee machines.

Adam Mangold


Engineer, Artist, Dad and Skateboarder.  Only actually good at a couple of those.  Listens to the Boss (Both Thomas and Springsteen).